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We are located on headlands along the Oregon coast, near the Coquille River, at 160 feet elevation, within a mile of the beach. sun rise through the pinesOur soil is poor for agriculture, mostly sand and clay with low pH from conifer litter. The summers are not hot, it is generally windy, and the length of a typically clear summer day is long at 43°N latitude. So many vegetable plants struggle without protections; this limits what grows well. On the other hand, it rarely frosts or freezes. Throughout the winter the garden has arugula, lettuce, carrots, parsley, thyme, sage, oregano, lemon balm, peppermints, and calendula.

We started Rogue Wave Farm as a homesteading experiment and an action response to our times, our era. chicken tractorHow much of our food can we produce and what can we do on our own with what we already have? How can we moderate our needs and expectations to lower the energy and products we require from a global supply chain? The word ’sustainability’ represents something we can approach but cannot achieve at this time.

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